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Girl Child Education.

“Train a male child and you train one, train a female child and you train all.” This is a saying that has been made popular over a couple of decades. Interestingly, this is a saying that cannot be over emphasized as the education of a female child is just as important if not much more as that of a male child. As far as western education has spread. It is saddening to still note that a lot of women in several part of the world especially in developing and under developed areas, are still been deprived of the very basic education. Some who are privileged to go through primary education are quickly sent off to their husband houses rather than to be encouraged to further their education.

Education is simply a process of accelerating learning. It is the acquisition of knowledge and skills. According to oxford learner’s dictionary, Education is a process of teaching, training and learning especially in schools or colleges to improve knowledge and develop skills. Educating a female child helps the young child to understand the world. It prepares and gives them an insight on how the world is and how it operates and It teaches them how to stand up for themselves.

Recent statistics shows that 760 million people in the world are illiterates and two-third are females, 85.8% of women are illiterate, 32 million girls of school age are not in school and in developing countries, 1 in 10 girls before the age of 15 are married. It is a harsh reality that in 2019 girls are still been deprived of basic education.

Educating a girl child has been discovered to be the willpower of many developed countries of the world. An educated female contributes greatly not only to reproductive health but also to the individual, the society, the economy and the world.  In 2012, former president barrack Obama said “The future must not belong to those who bully women. It must be shaped by girls who go to school and those who stand for a world where our daughters can live their dreams just like our sons.” 

The entire human population constitute of about 60 per cent of women. The importance of educating at the very least, half of this percentage cannot be over emphasized. Women being the specie responsible for child bearing need to be educated about their reproductive health so as to reduce maternal/child mortality. We all know that the home is a child’s first place of learning, training women ensures the transfer of this education to any children they bear thereby reducing the rate of illiteracy in the world which can lead to early marriage of the girl child in some underdeveloped countries. These children may be forced to endure one form of abuse or the other not only when married, but sometimes when they are still under the care of their parents examples of which can be seen as children hawking on streets. These children may be kidnapped, raped or even involved in accidents. Training the girl child can also ensure continuous sustainable development in various aspects of our economy.           

Reasons why women should be educated.

·        Reduces poverty

Women are by nature industrious. Education provides a woman with vital ideas which she can translate into wealth. If a woman has access to basic education it will provide her with opportunity to participate in economic and business activities to help combat poverty.

·        Decreased maternal/child mortality

The more educated a woman is, the more aware she is in maternal/ reproductive health. In rural and underdeveloped areas, the rate of maternal and child mortality is relatively high. When a woman is educated, she is likely to survive maternal mortality and prevent child mortality.

·        Early marriage and abuse

When a female is not educated, she has tendency of been abused and forced into early marriage. An educated woman will know how to defend and prevent herself against any form of abuse and stand up for herself when being forced into early marriage against her will.

·        Economic growth

The more educated women produced, the more they engage in economic activities which will positively affect and increase the gross domestic product (GDP).

·        Reduces inequality

With access to education, women will be bold to speak for their rights and that of their families. More voices will be heard and action will be taken towards female education and more emphasis will be placed of gender equality. With this, women will become relevant to their families/homes, community and even to the growth of the nation.

·        Career opportunities

Education provides a woman career opportunities. This career opportunity will distinguish her from undertaking menial jobs like hawking, petty businesses and even being a domestic worker or house wife. 

·        Contribution to democratization

With females children been allowed to go to school, nations will experience a democracy at its best because educated women will be concerned about the growth and wellbeing of their society by this, they will be keen to participate and eager to contribute greatly for effective and efficient running and governance of the society.

·         Reduce terrorism/insurgency

Researchers have discovered that educated women are not likely to aid terrorism than men with the same level of education as them. This is a huge advantage of female education. Female education will lead to an increase in security and assist in fights against insurgency.

·        Safe sex

Educating a female produces women that are fully informed about sexual transmitted diseases which will make them less endangered to diseases such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhoea and so on and will also help to reduce the spread of these diseases.

·        Family planning

Educating women will reduce fertility rate as they are specie responsible for child bearing. Women who are not educated are more likely to have many children due to illiteracy and lack of information about family planning unlike their educated counterparts; they are well informed about family planning and they tend to have fewer children that they can cater for.

Female education is imperative to ensure sustainable development of any society as women play crucial roles in their homes and social sphere.



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